WELCOME TO ASENSION SEISHOU HOME TO THE UPCOMING MANGA SERIES (G.S). This site is new so their isn't much yet to it. The manga series will be coming out next year 2010, or 2011...  

Character of the Week: Akira RyuunosukeEdit

Akira Ryuuosuke, is the leader of the infamous, Demon Wolfs deadliest in Musashi High and most of Ginowan City. Akira is a self centered Myu-Tanto who wants a powerfull oppenent to fight. Akira goals remain a mystery, but they involve provoking the new kid in the school, Kou Iwamoto. Cold and ruthless in battle Akira leads the Demon Wolfs through strength and strength alone; Akira despises the weak to an extreme, that he would exile them from the Wolves if they can't prove their worth. Akira's Seishou is FIRE.   

Latest activityEdit

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